Relational Aesthetics For The Rich, or A Brief History Of The Gala As Art by Greg Allen

by jendalton on November 3, 2010

From Lorenzo's Tomb to Dakis's yacht, the artist's rarified social milieu exert a powerful influence on the form of his artistic production. Art that was intended or once thought to be uncommodifiable--Land Art, Conceptual Art, installation, performance, even relational aesthetics--has been voraciously commissioned, collected and consumed. With LA MoCA's 2010 annual fundraising ball--which was reconceptualized by the artist Doug Aitken as a Happening--as a springboard, we will explore the history and implications of the Gala-As-Art Movement. Greg Allen is a collector in Washington DC and New York City. Until 2008, he was co-chair of the Museum of Modern Art's Junior Associates. A former private equity adviser, he began writing about art, film, and the creative process on his blog, the making of,  in 2001. 
  • So, when will this gala take place?

  • Jen

    This is happening Friday December 3rd at 1pm.

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