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  • Notes on RSVP, Calendar & Chalkboards

    First, please RSVP for events to hashtagclass (at), NOT to Winkleman Gallery. Second, please check the calendar here on the blog before heading to events – things sometimes change and this calendar will be updated as that happens! Third, we want to be as clear as possible about what we’re doing on the chalkboards. […]

  • Thoughts in the Final Stretch

    #class is already making me do, and think about, a lot of things I usually try to avoid. I do not normally seek out conflict but I have already had heated discussions about it and I anticipate more, particularly with artists who do not enjoy obsessing about the “art world,” a term that is more […]

  • Market Space

    Purchase Application Powhida & DaltonGraphite and colored pencil on paper 2010We will be selling this work to whomever makes their best offer based on their approximate income and rationale for ownership.  There is no fixed price point and we won’t be insulted if (a) no one wants it, (b) you can only offer what you […]

  • Here come the projects

    Here are some of the events, discussions and performances that #class plans to host at Winkleman Gallery between Feb 21 and March 20, 2010. We have over 40 events in some stage of development already. There will be a few different things going on every day the show is open! A full schedule will be […]

  • To Complicate Things

    When Ed Winkleman offered his space to Jen and I to consider “alternatives/solutions” to the market, we had some very different ideas initially.  One of our first impulses was to completely invert the normal function of the gallery by banishing Ed, Murat, and Max from the space and creating something else.  Jen and I had […]

  • Draft Mission Statement (or some such thing)

    #Class #class will turn Edward Winkleman Gallery into a ‘think tank’, where we will work with guest artists, critics, academics, dealers, collectors and anyone else who would like to participate to examine the way art is made and seen in our culture and to identify and propose alternatives and/or reforms to the current market system. […]

  • To elaborate:

    This is not business as usual and we are not soliciting art work for another group show. We are asking you (if you are reading this we mean YOU!) to participate in a dialog around the art market. Also, we are not addressing the New Museum or the Imaginary Museum Series directly. Rather, we are […]