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  • Being Grantee (About Grants & Grantmaking)

    A free-ranging discussion about grants for artists – how and why they are given – with Sean Elwood, the Director of Artist Programs for Creative Capital Foundation in New York. Creative Capital is a national nonprofit organization that provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing adventurous projects in five disciplines: Emerging Fields, Film/Video, […]

  • First Reflections

    First Reflections

    “Never before in my 15 years of living and making art in New York City, have I felt so connected to a group of intellectually engaged and caring artists. The experienced has totally changed my approach to art making in that I take “communty” into account like never before, and I mean all kinds of […]

  • Jerry Saltz on #class via Facebook

    Since I didn’t get a chance to write about #Class I’ll share one or two thoughts here. When I first heard about #Class I imagined an insular group of people all telling one another that they’re right and everyone else is impure. As a paranoid I also imagined that I would be branded as “uncool” […]

  • #Class Reflections

    Sadly, #class is out for an extended recess, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. We would like to invite all the participants of #class to submit personal reflections on your experiences. It has been said that there is no organized thought without writing. While #class was an amazing, immersive, and exhausting experience, the chalkboards never […]

  • Two Last-minute Cancellations!!

    Sorry to say… Kimberly Wright’s Collector Preferences Presentation 3/19 at 6pm is canceled. Dr. Kristin’s and Dr. Gloria’s Writing Workshop 3/20 at 2pm is canceled. We have only two more days of #class. But there are still more fun events, check the calendar! Our last event on Saturday 3/20 at 6pm is Rant Night. Come […]

  • Phil Buehler’s Advertising Methods Canceled!

    Formerly scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, March 17th. Sorry!

  • Sarah Schmerler "The Writer is: IN"

    On Wednesday, March 17th, at 6:30pm Sarah Schmerler will talk about artist’s statements and then write your artist statement for you – as fast as she can. First come; first served. 15 minutes, tops. 6:30-7:00pm: Intro to Statement Writing7:00-8:00pm: Schmerler writes in ‘real time.’ Bring pencil and paper, a CD or URL address for your […]

  • Nocation, Nocation, Nocation Canceled

    Due to an non-existent response for panelists, we are canceling the discussion in favor of work time.

  • Labor Class and the Critic’s Panel

    Labor ClassWhat is involved in making a Koons sculpture? Or building six 30 foot tall Louise Bourgeois spiders? If you are interested in seeing and hearing how sculpture from these and many other established artists is made come to Labor class presented by Bernard Klevickas on Friday at 4 pm. If you work with or […]

  • Leigh Waldron-Taylor’s Kaprow Reading Saturday Canceled!

    We are going to try to reschedule if we can! Here is the event info:I will read a written response to Allan Kaprow’s essay Should the artist become a man of the world? published in ARTnews, October, 1964. Please read the essay and consider whether it has any significance for today’s artist and the questions […]

  • Background, Identity and the Straight White Male Discussion

    Here is more info on this discussion and speaker biographies. This will take place at #class next Saturday the 6th at 4pm! RSVP is recommended to hashtagclass (at) gmail (dot) com. Background, Identity and the Straight White Male – (Suggested by An Xiao )As William Powhida wrote, “The complexion of the art world is a […]

  • Instructions for Today’s Event in Second Life

    Hi everyone, If you’d like to join us in Second Life for Debbie Ainscoe’s event “Optimists, Pessimists and Skeptics,” you can go to Second Life’s website to download Second Life. It’s free! Then send us an email message at hashtagclass (at) gmail (dot) com and we will make friends with you and help you teleport […]

  • "Receta" performance today 2/26 RESCHEDULED!

    Rocio Rodriguez Salceda’s performance “Receta” is canceled today because of the snow! It will be rescheduled for next Thursday, March 4, at 6pm. Stamatina Gregory and Jovana Stokic’s “Bad Curating” event is still on for 6pm. The gallery will be open today from 2-8, we’ll be there!

  • Ben Davis’s 9.5 Theses on Art and Class

    Ben’s much talked about text “9.5 Theses on Art and Class” is now publicly available here. Please read and share with everyone you know who is concerned about art’s relation to class and society. The art world is not isolated or removed from the world, and we will be discussing Ben’s text during the course […]

  • RSVP?

    Thanks to the crowds at our participant meet n’ greet on Friday and the opening on Sunday, we would like to invite people to RSVP for events, performances, or discussions that they are most interested in. Right now, we can realistically accommodate seating for about 40 guests and standing room for 20 more and the […]

  • Table Discussion Topics

    Here is a preliminary list of potential table discussions and people who suggested the concepts.  We have named several, so please don’t take offense if we butchered anything. We are also doing away with the traditional, hierarchical panel discussion and inviting the ‘experts’ or invited guests to sit centrally at our converted work tables along […]

  • #class is coming

    On or about February 20, 2010, we will transform Winkleman Gallery into a think tank for approximately one month, complete with blackboards, work tables, beer*, coffee-makers* and a mini-fridge*. We solicit your active participation in this project if you are an artist, critic, art dealer, collector, academic, art-lover, art-hater, or member of the general public. […]