Notes on RSVP, Calendar & Chalkboards

First, please RSVP for events to hashtagclass (at), NOT to Winkleman Gallery.

Second, please check the calendar here on the blog before heading to events – things sometimes change and this calendar will be updated as that happens!

Third, we want to be as clear as possible about what we’re doing on the chalkboards. It’s a messy process by definition (Freedom is Untidy = unofficial #class motto!), but our basic goal with #class is to foster productive discussion about the intersection of art and the market, and the conversation on the chalkboards has an integral function towards that goal. Jen and Bill will be interacting with the chalkboards to try to shape the discussion towards the subjects we most hope to explore, in the way that seems most productive to us. You are welcome to do this too! Anyone is free to write and to erase, but we hope that people will use this privilege thoughtfully to react to, explicate, and refute what has come before, not to obliterate it for no reason. The chalkboards will be photographed first thing when the gallery opens each day to keep a record of the conversations.

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  1. I asked Krzysztof once why he always filters (by selection) the voice of the public in his community pieces. He said he needed to – that if you gave the public an open microphone in a town square 90% of the people would just grab it and scream nonsense. However the 10% that had something to say always had something really interesting to say.

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