Still More Events (and updated descriptions)

First off, WE WILL BE LIVE STREAMING all the goings-on in the gallery right here to this blog. God knows how the image/sound quality will be, but we’re giving it a shot. Tune in wherever you are!

And here are a few more events that have been added and/or elaborations of the descriptions of existing events:

2/26 at 2pm
Rocio Rodriguez Salceda presents “Receta,” a one-hour performance from a symbolic “kitchen” where women from four different generations in Spain will discuss, plot and reveal secrets about how they were getting by during their time. Their voices will be represented by Rocio Rodriguez Salceda alone. Images, music, text and other ingredients from this “kitchen” will accompany the artist on this historic trip.

2/26 at 6pm
Stamatina Gregory and Jovana Stokic will present “Bad Curating” a presentation and open platform for discussion. More humorous than hypercritical, it takes on the roots, criteria, and typologies of this practice in its various incarnations.

2/28 at 2pm
Amanda Browder presents FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! You sunk my Battleship!
Up with the Anchor yo ole Matey! This trip is all about BATTLESHIP!
For this discussion we are going to embrace our inner art competitor! Plan for a day of actual Battleship gaming where two sides go head to head in an art conversation battle. Refereed by podcast/artist correspondent Amanda Browder, people should be ready man your ships.
Battle One: Formalists vs. Conceptualists.
Battle Two: Painters vs. The World.
Battle Three: Artist vs. Dealer

All are welcome and encouraged to choose your weapon. At the end we will tally up the points and see who really reigns supreme. It’s a WAR ON THE SHORE!

3/3 at 2pm
ART SHRED is an on-site shredding service that will help artists and other participants liberate themselves of important works of art, meaningful love letters and one-of-a-kind photographs – and other significant material created, printed, or written on paper. After being sliced and diced, all works will be scattered on the gallery floor. If you have something of consequence that you would like to have shredded, e-mail Celso (at) elcelso (dot) com. Walk-ins welcome.

3/5 at 2pm
Bow to the Art Industry: Get body and mind ready to navigate the spiritual and physical hazards of working in the art world with this 75 minute yoga class geared at those who want to re-contextualize the nature of luminal space while doing core-strengthening exercises that will keep you lithe enough to be considered for any possible art/fashion spreads in T Magazine. The class will be led by Carolina A. Miranda, a certified yoga teacher (Om Yoga Center, 2003) and art blogger ( Bring your own mat and an open mind. Class capacity 18; first come first serve.

3/17 at 6pm
In “My Sweatshop, My Sweet,” Mary Walling Blackburn examines the art world’s unregulated romance with the factory. Kisses to the workers and warm hugs to the product!

Ongoing event on Facebook!
(Day)Job–the very name is a qualifier–implying that it isn’t one’s “job” per se–though, in the case of many (most?) cultural producers, it may be the only income generating job. (Day)Job is a photo-archive of cultural producers and their “dayjobs,” self-posted using the social networking reach of Facebook. Artists Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail ask: How do we define ourselves? How do we want to be defined? What’s your (Day)Job? Join the Facebook Group (Day)Job and post your photographic answer.

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