A Legend in your own Mind: A Salon Discussion on Fame led by Austin Thomas

How big is your bigness? Gather your thoughts on fame and success for a relational discussion on being a legend.  Is there a difference between success and significance?

Austin will serve up “Dirty Harrys” (root beer and Jack Daniels) and use Dirty Harry’s (Clint Eastwood) response to a bad police captain’s comment, “Do you know who I am?”  Upon which Dirty Harry responds, “You’re a legend in your own mind,” as a jumping off place to toast our failures and successes. (I think Dirty Harry then shot the bad police captain.)

sound clip: http://www.entertonement.com/clips/jqkqyjdcvw–Legend-in-your-own-mindMan-Clint-Eastwood-Harry-Callahan-Sudden-Impact-

Do you have to be dead to be famous?  Is fame local?  Is being famous in the artworld akin to being a famous accountant?  Do you create art for yourself or someone else or a community? And what about the claims people make about being “big in Berlin, hot in Hong Kong, or fat on Flushing Avenue (me), etc?”  What’s your experience with fame in the artworld?  Christian Holstad once remarked to anyone listening, “It’s getting to the point where I can’t go out anymore!”  Tracey Moffatt once told me that “I’m like Madonna in Australia!”  What does one do with this type of information?  Is fame fleeting?  Come be famous together, go ahead make my day.

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