Art Stereotypes – A Mini Survey by Debbie Ainscoe

Art stereotypes a mini survey:

We hear them all the time, but we are so used to them (or irritated by them!) that maybe we switch off. But as long as they are still doing the rounds, does the perception keep re-kindling the myth? – or is it really true?!

This is a mini survey gathering people’s top 3 (or the ones that spring to mind) art/artist stereotype clichés.

These will then be pooled and used in a tally mark-up to gain an anecdotal idea of the relevance of these during #Rank:

I think they will go toward a chalk-up where the stereotype keywords gathered and attendees at the gallery space will be asked to *vote* by adding a tally to each keyword as they perceive. In order of relevance, semi relevance or obsolete.

The diagram below shows roughly how it should work;

Stereotype                                       Relevant               Semi relevant              Obsolete

Depressed & broke Schmuck            1111 111                               11


Dreamer, out of touch with reality       111                      1111 1111 1              1111

Hopefully this will put paid to the duff ones and shed some anecdotal evidence on the ones that still bane our lives and are true!?!

Either way this can’t be done without your thoughts !!

Send Away ……..!

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