festive anthropophagy through reflected imagery (a performance by marcella faustini and donna huanca)

“they gave us mirrors and in them we saw a sick world” (índios by legião urbana – asong that describes the experience of the indigenous brazilian people when faced with the colonizers)

it could be said that art fairs combine aspects akin to the ones experienced during a visit to a shopping mall, church or foreign land.  this project will collapse retail, religious and ethnic tropes using them as ways of framing the art fair experience.  the performance will combine aspects from the practices of 2 artists that have similar historical backgrounds and met one hedonistic summer in a land far away in maine.  marcella faustini and donna huanca will employ sound, video, portable sculptural elements and art world propaganda to bring about an experience rooted in self-refle(x)cted failings and malfunctions connected to their experiences, so far, in the art shaol.

we will be inviting viewers and bystanders to consider the possible sobering effects of holding mirrors up and looking through them in the art fair context.

model: peggy jo pabaustan