Hello My Name Is by Pumkin Folgers & Corduroy Jackson

Identifier Corporation

Pres. Pumpkin Folgers
VP. Corduroy Jackson
W 46th St & Broadway Ave
New York, NY 10036
(T) 646-801-6212

Attention: William Powhida & Jen Dalton:

Identifier Corporation, has been providing a unique service for visual artist, musician, and the performing

arts since 2000. We have  great understanding that the name we are born with is not necessarily the

chosen name that is preferred when taking on roles in the arts and entertainment industry.  Just in the

last five years we have noticed a boom in the arts sector for visual artists to want to have unique and one

of a kind names for social and virtual interaction.  It is safe to say that the majority of people that require an

identifier name will want to merge their new name with a chosen social scene as well social networks

like: Facebook, Myspace, Gmail Buzz, Twitter, Webster, FourSquare, and 9 Lives. Our services  guarantees

that the clients social and virtual realities can merge with one name.

Examples of some famous identifier names we provided for our past visual arts clients are: Harmony Korine,

Slater Bradley, Cory Archangel, Dear Rain Drop, Paper Rad, Mombert, Gelitin, Olaf Bruening, The Great

Space Race, ArtClub, Swoon, Kalup Linzy, Ryan Trecartin, Banksy, and Vivid Astro Focus, to name a few.

From in depth studies we have noticed that 80% of artist with unique names are more successful in the art

world as well,  virtual.  It creates a seamless intergration into both worlds. We realize and have founded this

company based on the fact that you can’t go into the entertainment industry or the arts with a normal name

for various reasons of hiding one’s own true identity from mass society when becoming famous. Sometimes

just being one artist with one a Identifier name isn’t enough, sometimes you have to join forces with other artist

with Identifier names and create an Identifier, collective name.

Identifier Corporation has a unique and proprietary database that will allow for Identifier names to be

created. It’s a fast process and we take care and concern with each customer that visits our location. It is

a quick process; each client will enter their real name and email and into our proprietary database. The

database then does an in depth search using micro-spiders on each person’s background.  Once this

process is done, one Identifier name is created free of charge. Each client will be able to leave with the

confidence of their new name to help themselves move up the ranks of the virtual and art world and

become wealthy and famous like our past clients.

We thank you for your time and we look forward in working with you in Miami, FL


Pres. Pumkin Folgers

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