#rank Forum by JD Hastings

Art is beautiful in part for its ability to express the ambiguous, the non-verbal and the mysterious. It can also be used to represent subjects in ways that appeal to the mind in novel ways. with novel effects.

Unfortunately as a born literalist I find it impossible to wrap my mind around a complex problem via indirect means of presentation. My mind will just try to translate those things to text that I can analyze it directly.

This is my contribution to #Rank. A Forum where we can discuss these issues straight on Not as an alternative to the other projects, but as a complement where we discuss them and create a record of what happens at this event.

From this record I hope to come to a personal understanding of “what is wrong with the art world” that I can use and refer to in a meaningful way in my work and life going forward. If it goes well, every other participant can do the same, and we can hopefully carry the dialogue forward in a meaningful way.

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