#Rank Miami Call for Proposals

We have received the green light to host #Rank Miami, taking place during the Miami art fairs this December 1-4. Building on the ideas and energy of the #Class events last winter (if you don’t know what we’re talking about see our previous project statement for #class) we will host three days of non-gala events, non-curated performances and non-hierarchical discussions on the topic of the class structures of the art world, with a super-special focus on the art fair experience. Events will be held at Ed Winkleman’s space at SEVEN, in the Wynwood district of Miami (more info soon at www.seven-miami.com). #Rank Miami will be just three short days, but we’re going to cram as much art fair antimatter in there as possible.

So, tell us what you’d like to do! It can be a discussion topic you’d like to discuss, a performance you’d like to perform, or something more uncategorizable about the infuriating (or perhaps you find them delightful, we’re open to that) hierarchies within or outside of the art world. Think in terms of an hour or so, with minimal amenities. This is completely D-I-Y. Your presence in Miami might not be necessary, depending on the idea, but you will need to somehow make whatever it is happen.

We have time for about 15 events, maybe a few more. The last thing we want to do is curate this, that’s not really in the spirit of #Class. If we receive more proposals than we have time, we will figure out some way to narrow it down. This may involve chance, or voting, critical analysis by the public, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Send us your ideas as soon as you can, no later than October 10! We will get back to you ASAP, we know you gotta make plans.

Please spread the word and forward this invitation to any other people you think may be interested in participating, especially if they live in the Miami area. We are seeking local talent!

Email us at hashtagclass@gmail.com

Jen and Bill

Check out the #Rank Statement for more info.

3 thoughts on “#Rank Miami Call for Proposals”

  1. “Ring the Bell”
    Rent a high striker.
    Replace the numbers with art accomplishments to be won listed in order of prestige with the highest ranked on top. For example:

    Solo show at the Met
    Cover of Artforum
    Auction at Sotheby’s
    Work acquired by Dakis Joannou
    Solo show at MoMA
    Show at Venice Biennale
    Review by Roberta Smith in NYT
    Work acquired by François Pinault
    Group show curated by Nate Lowman
    Solo show at the Guggenheim
    Included in Whitney Biennial
    Collaboration with Terence Koh & Lady Gaga
    Mention in Artforum’s Scene & Herd
    Work acquired by Roman Abramovich
    Guest star in a soap opera with Jeffrey Deitch
    Solo show at Gagosian
    Work acquired by Charles Saatchi
    Show at Documenta
    Group show with Damien Hirst
    Solo show at Gavin Brown
    Work acquired by Eli Broad
    Group show at New Museum
    Solo show at David Zwirner
    Work acquired by Agnes Gund
    Solo show at Nicole Klagsbrun
    Group show at PS1
    Work acquired by Eugenio López
    Review by Jerry Saltz in NYMag
    Solo show at Edward Winkleman
    Group show at Peirogi
    Review in Brooklyn Rail
    Contestant on Work of Art
    Participate in a charity auction
    Solo show at a co-op
    Review in Frieze Magazine
    Group show in a vacant storefront
    Solo show at Brooklyn Museum

    The catch is there are four different sized mauls: small, medium, large and extra large. Players will have to earn tickets in order to use a maul. The smallest maul requires the least amount of tickets; the largest requires the most amount of tickets. Tickets are earned by the value of the contestant’s financial and social class. For example:

    1 ticket each:

    Rich friends
    Healthy bank account
    Friends with a museum trustee
    Friends with an art collector
    Friends with an art critic
    Friends with a gallery owner
    Friends with a successful artist
    Shown at a satellite fair
    Shown at an art gallery
    Has a general admission fair ticket
    Good at crashing after parties
    Staying in a hotel

    2 tickets each:

    MFA from Yale
    Rich parents
    Trust Fund
    Related/married to a museum trustee
    Related/married to an art collector
    Related/married to an art critic
    Related/married to a gallery owner
    Related/married to a successful artist
    Shown at Art Basel
    Shown at a museum
    Has a VIP fair ticket
    Invited to the after parties
    Staying in a vacation rental

    The “fair” theme and “game” nature of the Art World is emphasized by the use of a classic carnival contest. There is some talent involved in the player’s accuracy, technique and strength when striking the lever, but performance is weighted by the player’s Art World ranking represented by the size of their maul.

    Problem–I’m in Los Angeles and have no plans to travel to Miami for the fairs. If someone else wants to run with this idea, I’m fine with that.

  2. I realize this is NY and artist centric. To make up for that, how about this alternate list for collectors?

    Build your own “Ego-seum” designed by a Starchitect
    Sell a painting at Christie’s for ten times what you paid for it
    Make Dakis Joannou jealous with your latest purchase
    Courted by Glen Lowry
    Make the Art News top 200
    Commission Jeff Koons to decorate your yacht
    Invited to show your collection without having to donate it
    Courted by Michael Govan
    Influence the acquisitions committee to buy an artist you collect
    Asked to be on the board of a museum
    Chair a gala committee
    Get off of a blacklist
    Interview with a glossy lifestyle magazine
    Wow your dinner guests with all your Warhols

  3. This is pretty awesome, thanks!! I like “ego-seum”, I’m sure artists would like to have one of those as well.

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