UBS Mapping by Liam Davis, Elizabeth Haberkorn, Brendan Carney and Jason Lowe

Mapping UBS is a presentation for #Rank Miami that involves the real-time mapping of Art Basel Miami’s primary sponsor’s history, ethical and cultural activities, and their impact. Using a series of visual aids, the project maps UBS’s activities in real time. Each element of the construction is accompanied by live narration weighing the pros and cons of UBS business ventures in relation to their role as a corporate sponsor.

The bank's involvement in numerous cases of money laundering, tax evasions, and other criminal activities is well-documented, as is their role in the prime mortgage meltdown of 2008. Can UBS be redeemed by its sponsorship of cultural groups and events?

This project illustrates the relationship between the financial transgressions of UBS and their cultural contributions. Such an exploration is in keeping with the ideas investigated in #class. The project will take place on Friday, December 3 at 3:00.

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