Where do YOU #Rank? by Laura Isaac

If we were forced to wear our resume on our sleeve, would we be proud, indifferent, or ashamed? How much is our identity rolled into our given rank? I will be creating various wearable ranks (t-shirts) that correspond to different positions in the “art world”: artist, patron, collector, critic, gallery director, curator, etc. Within each category there will be various ranks available. An original image and phrase will be on the front. On the back will be the designated rank followed by the question “Where do you #Rank?” The ranks will be distributed to #Rank attendees who wish to participate. The participants must agree to wear their given shirt all day wherever they go including into Art Basel itself. By wearing these shirts the participant will start to think about how they portray themselves, what they may think about themselves, and where they think they fit into the scheme of art market hierarchies. By always including the question “Where do you #Rank?” anyone who encounters the participants must consider where they fit into the strata.


Help fund Laura’s project by donating to her kickstarter campaign for Where do YOU #RANK?

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