Thanks to the crowds at our participant meet n’ greet on Friday and the opening on Sunday, we would like to invite people to RSVP for events, performances, or discussions that they are most interested in. Right now, we can realistically accommodate seating for about 40 guests and standing room for 20 more and the events are first come first serve. At this point, we aren’t looking to change that, but we are trying to gauge the level of interest in events so we can prepare. If a lot of people RSVP for an event, we will ask the participant if they want to reserve those seats in the order they came to us.

Certain events such as William’s gallery walk and Carolina’s Art Yoga also cannot accommodate a lot of people. If you would like to RSVP for William’s gallery walk or Art Yoga or any of the events listed on the calendar, please send the EVENT NAME in the subject line of your email and your name.
In the spirit of chaos and anarchy we’d love to leave it all to chance, but we love Donald Rumsfeld’s quote “Freedom is untidy,” and it seems fair to offer those who have been following the blog and paying attention the possibility of getting a seat for their favorite event. The Artnewspaper already declared their excitement about experiencing Rod Verplanck, CSP.

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