Two Last-minute Cancellations!!

Sorry to say…

Kimberly Wright’s Collector Preferences Presentation 3/19 at 6pm is canceled.

Dr. Kristin’s and Dr. Gloria’s Writing Workshop 3/20 at 2pm is canceled.

We have only two more days of #class. But there are still more fun events, check the calendar! Our last event on Saturday 3/20 at 6pm is Rant Night. Come let it rip!

9 thoughts on “Two Last-minute Cancellations!!”

  1. in regards to conceptualism.

    robert smithson was more interesting than anything he ever made.

  2. most of the general art going public that doesn't know much about art still refers to art that is NEW as modern instead of contemporary.

  3. capturing an apple is still within the illustrational realm, you still have to go beyond and give it meaning to make it more or conceptual. "why do you have to capture the apple in that way"

    what part of conceptualism is structuralism?

  4. video art has little to do with cinema, the technology is not the art. video artists sided with performance and painting more than formal cinema.

  5. Using perception as the only realism, we now experience sight as evidence of our existence. Visual perception plus memory equals belief; is this our meaningful experience of the world?

    ”Perception psychology” understands most people to be organisms who interpret and organize the full spectrum of sensations to produce meaningful experiences of the world. Since the predominant sensation that most art focuses on is sight, the concentrated sense is on visual perception. This idea poses our senses as an uncontrollable force that drives our bodies and our understandings of things, a sort of veil of perception, therefore our psychology is controlled by our sense’s interpretation of our surroundings. This poses my question, if the artist reveals a phenomena to our senses does our psychology change while we experience it?

  6. artists can't always explain their work and shouldn't have to because non-artists and those that don't have any understanding of visual language are asking for an interpretation in their terms.

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