More Events, and a clarification

The list we posted earlier today comprised ONLY the
events/performances/presentations to be hosted at #class, NOT the table discussions (with the exception of two discussions whose topics had substantially evolved). The rest of the table discussion topics are more or less accurately reflected in our earlier post here.

As the discussions fill up with participants, we will list them again with more thorough information.

And here are three more events:

Bryan Zanisnik will present “Judicial Review,” a performance and panel discussion that brings together practicing lawyers and professional artists. By drawing parallels between a legal profession and an arts profession, zanisnik’s piece will address issues of professionalism, academicism, and ethical anomalies that exist within the art world.

Broadsheet, the zine by two lady artists with their knickers in a twist, will make its long-awaited return with a Broad vs. Broad smackdown on the pros and cons of working for free.

Debbie Ainscoe will host an event in Second Life from the UK which will be viewed at #class. Optimists, Pessimists and Skeptics seem to revolve around technology. It is relevant to some, but not to others. The appeal of spaces like the virtual world of Second Life lies in its visual and social appeal. Boundaries physical, spatial, and creative can be crossed. Second Life is a giant sandbox where you can create in 3d and experiment without material costs.

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