Answers that we imagine will have to be answered frequently about #rank:

• Yes, this could be a total disaster.  We are aware of that distinct possibility and you should be too!
• No, we can’t guarantee that there will be anyone at your event.  We need you to publicize and help drag people in.  We will help drag people in off the street, but that’s about it.  In particular, people really hate that fucking Powhida.
• Yes, tables & chairs will be present.
• Yes, there will be electricity.
• All events are free.
• The floors are cement.
• Yes, there is a possibly a little bit of storage for during your event, but not before or after.  We will post dates for shipping to SEVEN as soon as we know when items may be be shipped.
• There is minimal or very little natural light. SEVEN is located in a giant warehouse.
• We don’t yet know how much space #Rank will occupy.  We may have as little as 400 sq. feet.
• There will be very little setup time between events.
• There will very likely be other ambient noise we will have to work around.
• There will be no shushing the dealer next door as he sells some art.  This isn’t just about you.
• No, we can’t ask other dealers to turn down their video installations, no matter how good/bad it is.
• No, we cannot provide plane fare to Miami or accommodations during the fairs.  Sorry!
• No, you cannot tell Murat to go away or be quiet.

Please check back for updates to the #Rank FAQ.  We’ll let you know, as soon as we do.  Hopefully, that will be before you board your flight for Miami!

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