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#rank teleconference info

We have no idea how well this will work, but we are going to try. If you can’t make it […]

#rank Miami Discussion at Winkleman Gallery

One thing we were not able to realize at #rank as much as we would have liked was to have […]

Feeling #rank (Part 3)

In my original post about #rank, I argued that there were too many events going on back to back without […]

Feeling #rank (Part 2), The Ideas…

Now that I’ve given myself and Jen Dalton a critique about how we shaped #rank, I want to turn the […]

Feeling #rank (Part 1)

Now that I am back home from Miami and have had a couple days to think about #rank, I am […]

#Rank was…

I have heard that, as an artist, if you’re not uncomfortable you must be doing something wrong. Unless it’s actually […]

Art Road Show by Alan Lupiani

Art Road Show is a spin off of the popular Antiques Road Show.  The host of Art Road Show, Alan […]

Hug it Out by Rebecca Goyette

Rebecca Goyette, performative artist, will present “Hug it Out.”

#artist/dayjob# by Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail

#Rank Miami examines the (c)overt class and ranking systems surrounding the Miami art fairs. In the expressly commerce-based bubble of […]

Measure by Man Bartlett

Acting as the Absurd Tailor, Man Bartlett will take measurements of fair-goers and relate them to the measurements of the […]

Beliefs Unlimited by Kevin Regan

Hidden from one’s self is a covert set of beliefs that control one’s thinking, one’s actions, and one’s feelings. The […]

Remote Participation by Vox Populi Collective

Vox Populi, alongside other invited members of Philadelphia’s non-commercial and collective art organizations, will execute a variety of performances for […]

Regionalism as Model, Discussion led by Christopher Ho

 Rank concerns those already on the inside, where many of us would like to imagine ourselves being. Or would […]

Taking My Talents to South Beach: Good Night Cleveland, We Love You by Nic Rad

An exploration of talent, loyalty, and Miami transplant LeBron James as the Ubermensch; a stirring homage to the sad city […]

RTV: The New Art Movement by Jeffrey Augustine Songco

 An art movement is no longer defined solely by a moment in time, but also by the process of […]

A Legend in your own Mind: A Salon Discussion on Fame led by Austin Thomas

How big is your bigness? Gather your thoughts on fame and success for a relational discussion on being a legend. […]

UBS Mapping by Liam Davis, Elizabeth Haberkorn, Brendan Carney and Jason Lowe

Mapping UBS is a presentation for #Rank Miami that involves the real-time mapping of Art Basel Miami’s primary sponsor’s history, […]

Art Stereotypes – A Mini Survey by Debbie Ainscoe

Art stereotypes a mini survey: We hear them all the time, but we are so used to them (or irritated […]

festive anthropophagy through reflected imagery (a performance by marcella faustini and donna huanca)

“they gave us mirrors and in them we saw a sick world” (índios by legião urbana – asong that describes […]

Guidance Counselor, by Sarada Rauch and Baris Gokturk

Are you holding back on approaching someone you’d like to be friends with because you think they are in a […]

Relational Aesthetics For The Rich, or A Brief History Of The Gala As Art by Greg Allen

From Lorenzo’s Tomb to Dakis’s yacht, the artist’s rarified social milieu exert a powerful influence on the form of his […]

Hello My Name Is by Pumkin Folgers & Corduroy Jackson

Identifier Corporation Pres. Pumpkin Folgers VP. Corduroy Jackson W 46th St & Broadway Ave New York, NY 10036 (T) 646-801-6212 […]

Where do YOU #Rank? by Laura Isaac

If we were forced to wear our resume on our sleeve, would we be proud, indifferent, or ashamed? How much […]

#rank Forum by JD Hastings

Art is beautiful in part for its ability to express the ambiguous, the non-verbal and the mysterious. It can also […]

Mutant Student Groups Think Tank by Nsumi Collective

Mutant Student Groups Think Tanks are alternative art world incubators for students who want to launch experimental independently run student […]

Dr. Lisa’s Ego Challenge by Lisa Levy

Whether you’re a collector, artist, patron, or plain old art lover, art fairs can be a challenge to anyone’s ego. […]

Project Present by Stephen Truax

 Project Present, 2010, is a contemporary art trading game intended to highlight the purest transaction in the art world: […]

What Are You Worth? by Carol Saft

What Are You Worth? The value of a work of art is subject to many market conditions including chance. Try […]

Healing from PTAD (Post-Traumatic Art Disorder) by Emily Auchincloss

#Rank Discussion: Healing from PTAD (Post-Traumatic Art Disorder) Contemporary art is defined in this moment by labels such as Pluralism […]

Destineez Child

Destineez Child explores themes in trickle down marketing and cultural phenomenon surrounding places like convenience stores, hair salons, car washes […]

Free Art Stand by Sean Naftel

Free Art Stand questions the idea of payment & capital for works of art. Is there a value in having […]

Gender, Age and Location Bias in the Art Market

The case for gender/age bias in the art market, while not a new phenomenon, is so pervasive that the entire […]

Art Fair Bingo Card: Food by John Pyper

The Miami fair isn’t in one place or certainly isn’t one experience. More often than not, business is done off-site […]

Labor Class by Bernard Klevickas

 The art fabrication business straddles an odd line between the inside/outside aspects of the art world. Some employees are […]

Sorry I Couldn’t Be There, by @Platea

“Sorry I Couldn’t Be There” is a crowd-created video series.  Developed by members of @Platea, the social media art collective […]

Art Assault, by Paul Steen

Art Assault is a first person shooter game about hierarchies and social boundaries in the art world, and ownership of […]

Is the Art Fair a Carnival or a County Fair? by Suzanne Stroebe and Caitlin Rueter

We will play the image of Art Fair as carnival, as spectacle of gluttony and lasciviousness, against the image of […]

2010 Art World Census by Ben Valentine

2010 Art World Census – Make Your Opinion Matter Powhida stated in his #Class reflection, “the chalkboards never achieved what […]

Building Backbones by Diedra Krieger

Artists are invited to read rejection letters from a grant application, residency or exhibition submission at Building Backbones on Friday, […]

Maritza Ruiz Kim’s The Interview…

“The Interview: In Which I Ask Myself All The Questions You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Care to Ask, Along Also […]

Sarah Wentworth’s Waiting for Enlightenment

Sarah Wentworth – Waiting for Enlightenment Considering art to be a spiritual experience of sorts, and considering the sheer density […]

Garric Simonsen’s Fortune 500

Fortune 500 asks: How do corporations influence institutional decision-making and artistic freedom? Fortunes are geared mostly toward the careers of […]

Sarah Smizz’s LEAN

LEAN is defined as an overall methodology that seeks to minimize the resources required for production by eliminating waste. /// […]

MTAA’s Freeing Lunch

From December 1st through December 4th, 2010 MTAA will present the collaboration’s first, only and possibly last artwork at a […]

#Rank Miami Call for Proposals

We have received the green light to host #Rank Miami, taking place during the Miami art fairs this December 1-4. […]

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