MTAA’s Freeing Lunch

From December 1st through December 4th, 2010 MTAA will present the collaboration’s first, only and possibly last artwork at a Miami art fair. The work is titled “Freeing Lunch.” Each day MTAA will attempt to have a large pizza delivered to Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida. The pizza is to arrive between noon and 1PM in Winkleman Gallery space at SEVEN, in the Wynwood district. Dalton and Powhida may eat the pizza. They may also share the pizza with attendees to their #RANK project. After the pizza is eaten, we ask that Dalton and Powhida clean the pizza box of any remaining food particles and place this proposal in the box. We ask them to then pushpin the box to the wall of the exhibition space. The box should be pinned so that the lid may be opened in order to read this proposal. We ask that if a collector would like to acquire one of the boxes that Dalton and Powhida convey that the work’s price is the cost of the pizza plus tip plus a 50% commission for Edward Winkleman. If the boxes are not acquired during the run of the exhibition, we ask that Dalton and Powhida place the boxes in an appropriate recycling container. MTAA – 2010

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