Remote Participation by Vox Populi Collective

Vox Populi, alongside other invited members of Philadelphia’s non-commercial and collective art organizations, will execute a variety of performances for the duration of one hour which will be transmitted to SEVEN via a live video feed. illustrating the gap between the philosophy of DIY artist-run galleries and that of art fairs. Vox and collaborators will respond specifically to the Verge Art Fair’s proposed showcasing of artist collectives, the “Collective and Projects Miami Beach” by performing text from the language of the Verge call.  The Verge exhibition has been put together in an attempt to acknowledge and empathize with the need for artists to organize alternative methods of making and showing work in this recent economic downturn, while charging $4000 for participation in the fair.  The video transmission will underscore our physical absence from the fairs–our inability to participate in a system driven largely by economic concerns.

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