Mutant Student Groups Think Tank by Nsumi Collective

Mutant Student Groups Think Tanks are alternative art world incubators for students who want to launch experimental independently run student organizations. On December 4th from 4 to 6pm, Nsumi will create a micro-performance space through which alternative student leaders can come together for dreaming up and spawning new mutant groups. Mutant student group types include Phantom Groups, Parasites, Incubators, Spawns, Shadow Organizations and Dadaist Dreaming Machines.

At the fair, students will select from topics such as “non-conformist art in schools” and “alternative student leadership”—then we will hold a 30-minute formal discussion augmented by a “Discussion-Randomizer”, followed by the mutant incubator. Students will have the opportunity to display 3D conceptual maquettes based on their original ideas for eccentric and visionary student groups.

If you are a student or teacher at the High School or college level and would like to participate, please email

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