#rank Miami Discussion at Winkleman Gallery

One thing we were not able to realize at #rank as much as we would have
liked was to have lively (contentious), open-ended (informal)
discussions about art fair culture. We are also interested in the connections between the fairs, the market, and more broadly to cultural production. In that spirit, we are hosting a post-#rank discussion at Winkleman Gallery on Thursday, December 30th, from 6-9pm.

We are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts about the recent Miami art fair week, in whatever capacity you experienced them (ABMB VIP or avid AFC reader). We’d like to discuss those cultural, social, and artistic stratifications made plainly (and painfully) transparent during the art fairs. It’s not like these hierarchies don’t exist everywhere, but they become more diffuse and easier to ignore back here in New York for us. We’d like to have this discussion before the pressures of life make Miami fade into the background.

We began #class and #rank as a shared response to our own ambivalence about participating in the art market. We had trouble articulating what the conflicts were, so we opened up that exploration and discussion to many other perspectives in search of answers (however idealistically). At their core, #class and #rank are personal arguments made public. We hope they have been and continue to be useful in starting to identify and understand the terms of the arguments that divide and define the contemporary art world. It’s a big place, but everyone has their role, whether or not it’s the one they want.

We hope you can make it!

All best,
J & B

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