#class Schedule!

There are still more events in development that will be added, and some shifting will occur as we deal with changes. But this is how it stands now. When things change we will update the calendar so it should always be up-to-date.

Table Discussions are in yellow and Event/Performances are in green. Where it says Work Space, we will be in the gallery working on drawings, writing on the wall, and talking with whomever stops by.

This calendar represents the last month of our lives. We did not curate this list and the participants got involved through our requests on the blog, Twitter and Facebook, articles, and word of mouth. While we know some of the participants, we’ve never met many of them. We scheduled the events as they came in with our only criterion being that the proposals be relevant to our inquiry into our unease with participating in the market. This is not Performa, nor is it a classroom where we will be doing the educating. It’s a discussion based space responding to the ideas raised by the participants and hopefully a chronicle and debate on the walls of the space. Throughout this process we will also be making art to internalize and respond to the dialog through our own practices. We will use different methods to make the art accessible and to challenge the established practice of the fixed-price point model. To that end, we have tried to schedule some work time, but we will always be available while we work in the space.

We’d like to thank all of the people who have taken the risk to experiment with us. What we have created is a framework for a dialog that will last for a month. We also hope all the participants will help us spread the word to bring people into the gallery. Invite your co-workers, people you don’t know, people who think contemporary art is a joke; we’d like to see a broad audience come through the show and make it accessible. Bring a six-pack, a bottle of wine, coffee or just your thoughts to #class. It’s really yours and it might be absurd, serious, heated, contentious, ugly, wonderful, awkward, sincere, ironic, but maybe we’ll figure this shit out.

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