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  • #rank teleconference info

    We have no idea how well this will work, but we are going to try. If you can’t make it to #rank, but want to participate, call in to our teleconference. The phone number and access code are listed below. Please note the teleconference will be recorded. Date and Time: Thu 12/30/2010 06:00 PM (GMT-05:00) […]

  • #rank Miami Discussion at Winkleman Gallery

    One thing we were not able to realize at #rank as much as we would have liked was to have lively (contentious), open-ended (informal) discussions about art fair culture. We are also interested in the connections between the fairs, the market, and more broadly to cultural production. In that spirit, we are hosting a post-#rank […]

  • Feeling #rank (Part 3)

    In my original post about #rank, I argued that there were too many events going on back to back without enough time for reflection. Having time to casually discuss what we were attempting to do at #class, as I’ve said, was an important access point for visitors. Another thing that also helped people drop their […]

  • Feeling #rank (Part 2), The Ideas…

    Now that I’ve given myself and Jen Dalton a critique about how we shaped #rank, I want to turn the discussion away from the structure towards what actually happened.  I’m going to work through the events based purely on my subjective recollection of the events regardless of chronology.  It’s my personal form of ranking the […]

  • Feeling #rank (Part 1)

    Feeling #rank (Part 1)

    Now that I am back home from Miami and have had a couple days to think about #rank, I am feeling rather that, just rank. Every year that I’ve gone to Miami, I leave feeling like I’ve lifted the curtain and stared at the great god Pan and learned some horrible truth about the universe. […]

  • #Rank was…

    I have heard that, as an artist, if you’re not uncomfortable you must be doing something wrong. Unless it’s actually the opposite and if you are uncomfortable, you must be doing something wrong… I hope not. Because I have been realizing for awhile now that being uncomfortable is my natural state. But I have been […]

  • #Rank Miami Call for Proposals

    We have received the green light to host #Rank Miami, taking place during the Miami art fairs this December 1-4. Building on the ideas and energy of the #Class events last winter (if you don’t know what we’re talking about see our previous project statement for #class) we will host three days of non-gala events, non-curated […]